House building
is a construction that involves building at least one inside living quarters. The house may be meant for public use such as hotels and boardwalks, or it may be used solely or primarily as a private home. It is often synonymous with housing construction in general and to some extent with real estate development, though there can be significant differences. 

The purpose of this text will teach people about the process of house building and how to make their dream come true by creating their very own home.

The main focus of this text is going to be on the process of constructing a house from scratch. Even though some people are capable of building a house from scratch it still requires skill and knowledge to get the process right. The biggest obstacle for most people is buying land to build on, because land in many areas can be relatively expensive especially with limited space. To purchase land it is best that you get the advice of an experienced broker or agent, because they will know how much land you can afford in comparison to what you are spending on services such as legal and building fees. 

This text will only be focusing on the different process of building a house and will not go into great detail about funding, design or architecture. There are many professionally set up websites that can research everything you need to know about architectural design and how much it will cost. Due to the fact that a lot of people have access to computers and the internet there are many reliable websites you can go on to find out how much a house will cost.

In this text the focus will be on creating your own house from scratch, using different wood types in order to create a house from scratch. There are many different types of wood such as; wooden floorboards, wooden bricks, wooden windows, wooden staircases etc., but not all of them are good for creating your own home as they come with serious disadvantages such as breaking or cracking easily.