The hand saw is the most important tool for a carpenter.

Carpenter Jobs

A carpenter is a construction worker who specializes in wood structures. They work alongside General Laborers to complete the mundane tasks of a construction project. This job can be very rewarding, but can also be challenging. There are several types of carpenter jobs. Learn more about each type to determine if one is right for you.

Finish carpenter jobs are highly regarded and appreciated. The work is also highly rewarding and offers a sense of accomplishment. People who choose this line of work will benefit from being vetted by a professional organization. In addition to this, they will have the best quality standards. If you are looking for a career as a finishing carpenter, it’s best to prepare a detailed resume and cover letter that highlights your experience in the field.

Finish carpenter

A carpenter’s square is a very useful tool for measuring the angles of building materials. Many building projects require that building materials are square and flat, and a square can prevent warped boards or other materials from being used. It can also be used to mark cuts for corner joints. Other names for a rafter square include speed square, triangle square, and rafter angle square.

strong attention

In addition to a strong attention to detail, finish carpenters are also experts at fitting things together. They also need to be able to read blueprints and follow precise instructions. They should also be in excellent physical health and have strong hand-eye coordination.

The job requires a keen eye for detail and manual dexterity. This profession also requires excellent visualization skills.  As a finish carpenter, you may use a table saw to cut wood, a nail gun to secure it, or a drill to install hardware.


A finish carpenter’s salary will vary based on the type of work performed and experience. These workers usually earn around $60-80 an hour.


With experience, you can advance to a lead carpenter or supervisor position, and you can even open your own business.


If you have good people skills and good math skills, you might also move into an estimating position or become an instructor.


The job of a finish carpenter requires the right crafting skills, as they must add design to a house. Their work includes building and installing bookcases and installing entrances. Finish carpenters should have a high school diploma.

As the demand for new construction grows, the demand for skilled carpenters continues to grow. Finish carpenters often focus on molding and trim.

Hand and Power

They use hand and power tools to cut wood components and create the finished look.